Content Management & Creation
2020 - current

at Liebherr i am managing content creation and distribution for six european markets (AT, PL, HU, CZ, SK, SL).
i lead a team of sales people in their respective countries and we work together closely on marketing strategy and sales deployment.
as the only creative in the team, i create everything from videos, photos, online ads, printed forms, etc. i also manage the front-end of in six lanaguages.
a big part of my job are video productions from concept, to filming, lighting, camera rigging, audio capturing, product staging and directing to editing, color correcting, auto mixing, animation and publishing, i mostly manage and produce it alone. my passionate work ethic and my willingness to learn, drive me to excel at anything that is thrown my way- 

the latest project was producing content live at IFA 2022. for this i also worked solo - filming, editing and publishing one video each day for six days. i loved it, as it was a difficult challenge, but i live for challenges.

here are various links to content I made and make at Liebherr

IFA 2022